destroy farm NFT

This section contains SDK example for destroying unstaked farm NFT

Destroy of the Farm NFT is a transfer of the Farm NFT from the user wallet to the zero address.

import TonWeb from "tonweb";
import { FARM } from "@ston-fi/sdk";

const farm = new FARM.v3.NftItem({
  tonApiClient: new TonWeb.HttpProvider(),
  address: "EQA18JnBVNZZ8Wz-Kn6Mc5cy9pv798Pn8tfScjKw9NLPK3U2", // Farm v3 nft address

// Destroy farm NFT from the owner's wallet
const txParams = farm.buildDestroyTxParams({
  queryId: 12345,

// To execute the transaction, you need to send a transaction to the blockchain.
// This code will be different based on the wallet you are using to send the tx from
// logging is used for demonstration purposes
  amount: txParams.gasAmount,
  payload: txParams.payload,

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