withdraw fee from vault

This section contains SDK example for performing fee withdrawal from the vault contract

const client = new TonClient({
  endpoint: "https://testnet.toncenter.com/api/v2/jsonRPC",

const router = client.open(
    "kQCas2p939ESyXM_BzFJzcIe3GD5S0tbjJDj6EBVn-SPsEkN" // CPI Router v2.0.0

const vault = client.open(
  await router.getVault({
    token: "kQDLvsZol3juZyOAVG8tWsJntOxeEZWEaWCbbSjYakQpuYN5", // TestRED
    user: "" // ! replace with your address

const txParams = await vault.getWithdrawFeeTxParams({
  queryId: 12345,

To execute the transaction, you need to send a transaction with these parameters to the blockchain. This code will be different based on the wallet you are using to send the tx from, so please check our doc section about transaction sending guide with examples for different libraries.

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