This section contains basic description of protocol

Introduction is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on TON blockchain. More specifically it is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchange employing the Constant Product Market Maker algorithm. The web based app ( is a visual interface for interacting with a set of smart contracts deployed to the TON blockchain.

The exchange is fully decentralized and non-custodian. Funds are held in permissionless smart contract accounts. This means the only methods to withdraw funds from the pool accounts are those encoded in the smart contract. At a high level this code only allows withdrawals in exchange for an appropriate amount of another asset or by liquidity owners in exchange for their Pool Tokens. Furthermore, the contracts are fully permissionless. This means that any account can create a pool by issuing the correct set of transactions and that no account has authority over the pool's assets or functionality. There is no mechanism to revert or adjust transactions even if they are made in error. Contracts, except the router, are immutable. This means no account has the authority to update or delete pool contracts and funds cannot be stolen. For transparency, all router contract upgrades are time-locked for seven days and a user may withdraw their provided liquidity during this period if they find the changes disagreeable. Protocol

  • Fully decentralized system. All transactions are made directly between traders, and do not require a third-party. doesn’t have access to your coins/tokens and never asks for your personal information, never collect IP or Geo data, or anything else that may be used for user identification.

  • Virtually zero trading fees. runs on the TON blockchain with much lower transaction costs and higher speed compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchains.

  • Low to zero slippage. As an AMM, relies on liquidity pools and simple, yet sophisticated algorithms to determine token prices. This guarantees that you get the rates provided before the transaction.

  • The front running is not an issue at due to advanced sharding and async nature of TON blockchain.

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